Team Manager (and Parent) Information

Team Managers: Thank you for volunteering to help your team out this year. Your efforts help our teams run smoothly and keep our coaches, parents and on the right track for success.

Below are some helpful resources to help you out over the season, if you have any questions or you think something would be helpful to help out other team managers, please send us another in the form at the bottom of the page.

Becoming a Team Manager

Each coach has their own style of managing a team, but these are the main responsibilities:

  1. Keeping track of the players registration forms, and ID cards. Usually these are kept in a binder with a a plastic sheet for each players information. Also suggested to keep the Player ID cards in a zipped packet within the binder. 
  2. Show the referee the player ID cards before each game.
  3. Get the player ID cards back after the game.
  4. Collecting referee fees from parents. (2022 fees)
  5. Distributing fees to the referees before each game
  6. Communicating to the team on Team Snap and email as directed by the coach.
  7. Sign up on GotSport for admin access to the team pages
  8. Enter the game score after a game
  9. Other team items  that you and the coach agree on.

The Team Manager keeps the team book at all times, and brings to every game, so the coach can focus on preparing the team for games.

Parents should be able to upload these items to their GotSport account when registering, but just in case,  it is a good idea to keep a copy of these in the Team Binder.

  • Registration forms
  • Birth Certificate
  • Photo of the child

Some teams collect from parents each week (which takes more time and effort, ewpcil y when a parent may be hard to track down), and others collect for the entire season. The coach will be able to tell you how much to collect for  referee fees. 

Let the coach know if you cannot attend a game. Before the season begins,  you should talk with the coach to have a backup person to take care of the team book and ref fees when you are gone.,

GotSport is the central website for all our registered players.

This is where parents upload their registartion documents.

Team Manager will need to sign up for the GotSport website to be able to to access the team website in case they need to make additions, change team or player informtion.

This is also where Team Managers will also upload their required documents.

We know this will never happen, but just in case it did….

This is a link to the latest referee fees for 2022.

Each team pays half of the fees shown on his page.

You  can also go the Resources page (one of the drop down menu items) on the So Cal League webpage. 

Team Snap is the communication tool that we use to communicate with our team.   Your coach should be able to give you a “manager” access so you edit certain items, such as rosters and game info.  Using the “chat” function is very helpful for last minute updates.

To use the app efficiently, it is best to download the TeamSnap app for your phone. However, you can also use on a laptop/pc.

To help you out so you are not texting, emailing and calling parents all the time,  we recommend you make sure each parent has the app on their phone and has notification ON. Ideally, you should only have to use TeamSnap for all your team communications.


Registration Questions from Parents

Once your son or daughter has an agreement with the coach to come on the team, you will receive an email with specific about registration. You can also see some basic information on our Registration page.

Please talk to your coach about team fees.

Team fees basically include:

  • Practice Field Permits
  • Game Field Permits
  • Light Towers and Maintenance
  • Club Equipment (i.e. Goals, nets, pinnies, etc)
  • Coaches’ Salaries (inc. taxes)
  • Player Registration with US Club Soccer
  • Player Insurance
  • Player Cards (US Club)
  • State Cup Registration
  • Goalkeeping Training
  • Speed & Agility Training
  • Club Directors & Administrators
  • Marketing & Promotion
  • Accountancy and Merchant Fees
  • Club Communication App (TeamSnap)

The only additional costs that will be required are travel costs, and referee fees for league games. Each team will decide how the referee fees are collected by the parents.

Any other additional costs will depend on what extra events a team does. This is decided on by the coach and the families.  These could include:

  • Tournaments
  • Team Parties or Events (such as pro games)
  • Additional team training outside CASC training, such as futsal, fundraisers

Once registered with the team, either the coach or the team manager will send you the link to order. Each player must be assigned a specific jersey number before they order.

NOTE: To keep from players ordering the same number, the numbers must be approved by the coach or team manager before ordering.

The entire set of required gear is between $200-250, which normally is used for a 2 year cycle.

The basic kit includes:

  • 1 blue jersey (home)
  • 1 red jersey(away)
  • 1 blue shorts
  • 1 red shorts
  • 1 pair of blue socks
  • 1 pair of red socks
  • 1 grey training shirt

Unfortunately, for a variety of reasons,  uniform orders can be delayed.

If it has been 3 weeks since you ordered, please let us know in the form below. Include your order #.

We love to se our families wearing club gear to support their child.

There are many different items of fan gear to order. (t-shorts, hoodies, sweatshirts, caps, etc_

Go to the Fan Zone to see our large selection.


Games and Scheduling Questions from Parents

No, the leagues has over 3800 team and 87,000 players.

No, the leagues has over 3800 team and 87,000 players.

Players should bring everything to every game.  Normally, the players should wear their grey training shirt for game warmups, and the coach will let them know what color they will be wearing for the game.

No, our team do not usually have additional jerseys. It is he responsibility of each player to prepares their gear the night before each game. Including water, shinguards, entire kit and any personal items they may need.

We know a lot of parents wonder why players have to be at the game so early ahead of game time.  Just so we are all on the same page, here’s why 1 hr early:
– Players need to wake up and get their blood moving, after a long car ride
– Players need to warm up and stretch
– Players need to get many touches on the ball before kickoff
– Players need to make sure all their gear is ready within 5 minute after arrival
– Players need to make sure their laces are tied perfectly
– The team needs to go over last-minute game strategies
– Every player need to get in sync with coach and teammates for the game plan
– Each player, with coach’s help, need to start thinking of their personal goals for each game
– The entire team need to shift from tired to game ready by kickoff
–  Last-minute bathroom runs
A good game preparation can not happen together as a team, if 1/2 the team shows up 15 minutes, 30 minutes or even 40 minute late.   A team can’t go from off to on with a poor warm up. The sooner all the players are together, the better team can prepare for the game. 
I know TRAFFIC can surprise us all, but that is part of LA. It is an easy excuse but not a good excuse. At any time, we have to account for a 15-20 minute traffic jam. That means if it takes one hour to get to a field, then add 15 minutes to your travel time.  Make sure you have enough gas the day before.
As much as we want your child to be responsible for themselves, still remind them the night before a game to make sure ALL their gear is ready to go and packed, so you’re not spending 15 minutes in the morning running all thru the house looking for stuff. The night before, they should be packed with both sets of jerseys, shorts and socks, regular shoes, all cleats, shinguards, and water.
They should always wear their grey CASC t-shirts when they arrive to the field. If for whatever reason they don’t have it yet,  they need to wear some other grey t-shirt.  

Sideline Protocals

Families sit on the same side, and to the left of the team, but must be at least 5-10 yards away from players. No families can be behind the path of the linesman.

Sideline Areas


Just as you would NOT direct your child what to do during the middle of a play or piano rehearsal, we strongly urge parents and other family members to let the coach do their job. Just sit back and enjoy the game while your child’s team does their best to follow the team’s game plan.

Feel free to cheer and celebrate, but any direction (or verb action, such as kick it, boot it, press, run, run faster, pass, shoooooot)  is no permitted.

We understand you want to help but your command may not be what the coach wants, and it can be distracting and conflicting to the player.

No. Player are with the coach from the time you drop them off, until the coach say they can leave after the game, or unless the coach gives the ok to go to the parents,  such as for an injury.

At halftime especially, players go to the coach, not the parents.

Players are also learning to be responsible for  all their uniforms,  cleats,  water bottles, and personal items.  Don’t be that helicopter mom or dad!


We love dogs, but in accordance with SoCal Soccer League guidelines,  dogs and other pets are not allowed at the fields anytime during soccer practices or games.

Exceptions to this rule are for service animals only. Service animals are defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

If a dog or other pet is brought to a practice or game, you will be asked to remove it from the field immediately. Please note that there has been dog bites on soccer fields in the past, and this policy is in place to ensure a safe environment for players, coaches, referees, and spectators.

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