Club Testimonials


Tim Treinan

John Hopkins University

CVSC (now CASC) offered me the best opportunity to pursue my dreams of playing college soccer, and provided me with some of the mentors that would help shape the person I am today.  In addition to our regular practice times, the club offered sessions to help improve our technical skills, strength, and conditioning. 

My personal coaching staff made sure that our entire team maintained a high level of performance and they pushed us out of our comfort zone.  Both having played in college, my coaches gave us valuable insights as to what our college coaches would expect from us on and off the field, in or out of the classroom. 

As I approached the college application process, CV was very supportive in reaching out to college programs and advocating on my behalf.  I vividly remember having both of my coaches talk to my current college coach, and it definitely makes me grateful for them, and for CV as a club

Aubrey Finicle

Cal Lutheran University

When I came to this club, I was about to be a senior in high school and my self confidence was at an all-time low. It only took one practice to know that I had found somewhere I belonged and it was absolutely life-changing. Coach Reggie and Andrea kept me from quitting soccer by always believing in me and encouraging me to be the best that I could be. Reggie is the best coach I have ever had! He creates a very positive training environment where effort, hard-work, and even mistakes are encouraged. Also, he is absolutely amazing when it comes to the recruiting process. If you want to play at the next level, he will do everything he can to help you. All in all, I am so thankful to have had this experience with such a wonderful team that turned into a second family. In only one season I became much more confident as a person and a player. I wish I found this club sooner!!


Griffin Freeman

I2I Academy in England

When I was looking for a new club during my first year of high school, I went out to a couple practices for some clubs where some of my teammates at high school played.  From my first practice at Crescenta Valley SC, I felt very comfortable and knew I wanted to play there. Kiel and Chad really connected with the players and were influential in my growth as a player.
At CV I was really introduced to a fluid style of soccer where we played a possession based game where attacking players could really express themselves going forward. During the recruiting process Kiel and Chad were so helpful with talking to coaches and setting up showcase games. I was first recruited during a showcase tournament in Las Vegas that CV was able to set up for our team. I loved playing for CV and wouldn’t be the player I am today with out the coaches and teammates I was lucky enough to have.

Tanner Gibson

Bethel University

(3-time all conference, 2-time all region,and 2-time all American)

“I chose to play at Crescenta Valley because my coaches created a competitive atmosphere while being able to continue to grow our love for the game. The club helped me to grow as a player by improving my technical skills and my coaches knowledge of the game helped my soccer IQ to grow, which shaped me into the player I am today. My coaches helped in the recruiting process by directing me towards relevant ID camps, reaching out to college coaches, and putting our team in the best opportunities to be seen by college coaches.”


Diego Caballero

Chico State University

I chose to play at Crescenta Valley because I saw an opportunity grow and develop as a player. The competition and winning mentality that was within the team from the coaching staff to the players and even our parents was impressive. I felt welcomed since the beginning. The coaches helped me understand the college recruiting system and also helped me evolve as a player by helping me master my roles on the field.

Jordan Sime Tagne

Cal State Monterey Bay

I chose to play with CV because one of my ODP teammates was already on the team and invited me and other players to the team. The coaches were what caused me to stay with the club. The coaches made me a better player and prepared me to play at college level. Playing at big tournaments like Surf Cup and Dallas Cup helped expose me to lots of colleges at different division levels.


Armen Eyssakhanian

Cal Baptist

I decided to play for CVSC because at the time that was the only team in the area that was open to join for my age group and that was maybe when I was 9 or 10 and that was the best decision i ever made. The club didn’t only grow me as a player but as a person too, and helped me learn  responsibilities that come with being a student-athlete and also growing into a man.

The club was unbelievably crucial in my recruitment into Division 1 and without them, chances are I would not be playing college soccer.  From my coach’s Kiel and Chad emailing and texting Coach’s to the club director Reggie always giving pointers out and also talking with as many colleges coach’s as he knew. The club is very well connected from to the coach’s to the director’s to say the least.

This is the place to be 100%.


Noah Fuson

I2I Academy in England

I chose to play football at CVSC because when I went to my first practice to train with the team. I immediately realized the quality and attention to detail that was implemented by the coaches and the players. The team was at a very high level and we went on to win multiple championships, titles, and tournaments. The club really helped me grow as a player with how they would point out your weaknesses so that you could go on your own time and improve them and comeback to training and matches a better all around player. The coaches would critique us and work us til we got it right and were at the level we needed to be at no matter what it took.

In terms of the recruiting process, CVSC gave me so much exposure. All of my looks that I received and offers and schools that approached me were brought to me thanks to the tournaments and showcases that the club provided for me. From Surf cup to Dallas cup and everything else that we could play. Thanks to all these opportunities I was able to go overseas and continue to pursue my professional career in England thanks to CVSC.