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Stress Management Strategies for Youth Soccer Players

“Stress has been identified as crucial in sport, influencing performance as well as social functioning (Jones & Hardy, 1990). Increased anxiety and burn-out are symptoms which have been associated to an inability to manage stress in sport, as well as decreased self-esteem and performance difficulties.”


On Tuesday December 22, California Athletic Soccer Club hosted virtual webinar on stress management strategies for youth soccer players.

Young athletes, with their exposure to sports activities and exercise, are likely to experience a large amount stress. In fact, playing itself can cause a great deal of anxiety and worry.

To give your your son or daughter some strategies to deal with stress management, CASC invited highly regarded Sport Psychologist Professor, Dr. Melinda Houston, to discuss Stress Management Strategies for Youth Soccer Players.

To assist in understanding the key topics from the Webinar, we encourage all players to:

Complete the CASC Stress Management Worksheet