CASC Programs

California Athletic Soccer Club (CASC) is a competitive and holistic soccer organization based in La Crescenta/Glendale and in the San Fernando Valley. Our mission is to foster the physical, mental, and emotional growth of our youth through the dynamic sport of soccer at all levels, age and competition. 

We strive for excellence in our club culture, aiming to nurture dedicated players with unique soccer abilities, a passion for the beautiful game, and a strong desire to enhance their skills to new levels. Our team is built on a foundation of exemplary character, centered around our three core values: Accountability, Integrity, and Pride.

The CASC Journey

Whether it is a players first time kicking a soccer ball, or finishing their youth-soccer experience before heading to college, California Athletic Soccer Club has only one commitment:

“To Provide a Positive & Educational Soccer Learning Environment”

CASC provide a range of programing suitable for all levels of playing ability. Our ever growing knowledge base continues to drive our goal to provide cutting-edge curriculum and coaching methods. All of this enables us to deliver the best youth soccer experience possible.



(4-5 year olds)

Kinderkicks is an introductory program which teaches the FUNdamentals of soccer using a fun and energetic curriculum that has been tailored to work with the specific age groups. The curriculum facilitates the development of motor and coordination skills, with the aim to provide players the tools and imagination to express themselves in 1v1 situations and small-sided games.

“Take the Next Step” Program

(6-7 years olds)

The “Next Step” comes right after Kinderkicks and is for players interested in continuing their soccer journey. Coached by our CASC Coaching Director, players will learn & develop skills, with a primary focus on CASC’s FUNdamentals, “Angles, Lines, & Distances”

Premier Club Programs

(8-18 year olds)

We provides young soccer players the opportunity to play against local, regional, and national opposition with ability level formed teams. We seek to provide a competitive environment that develops a players skills, knowledge, and appreciation for the game of soccer by incorporating the best training, structure and development through positive coaching.

Each competitive team is led by a licensed Head Coach, who is supported by, and works closely with the club Director of Coaching, who is responsible for the complete cycle of player development.

7v7 – Learning to Play and Love the Game
(8-10 Years Olds)

Developing the players understanding of the game, focused heavily on small sided activities (1v1, 2v2).

9v9 – Developing the Player
(11-12 Years Olds)

Greater cognitive topic related activities, small sided/conditioned games, guided to develop Attacking & Defensive Principles.

11v11 – Competitive Teams and Continuing Development
(13-18 Years Olds)

Progressing understanding of CASC’s Style of Play, orientated around the game-model.

Goalkeeping Program

Advanced Handling/Understanding the Demands of Modern Day Goalkeeper position

We take great pride in recognizing the importance of the goalkeeping position within the soccer club programs. The modern day goalkeeper is a unique position within the sport of soccer. Not only does the goalkeeper have to be a unique individual within the team set up but he/she is also a vital part of the overall team.

Our goalkeeping philosophy is to give all our goalkeepers the time and patience to be able to develop their goalkeeping skills in an environment that will teach our goalkeepers the four main pillars of the game:  Technical, tactical, physical and psychological. The following information will help give parents a quick overview of our soccer club philosophy of this position and the importance of it as a goalkeeper. All of our goalkeepers are taught to understand the following:

  • Ability to deal with announced and unannounced balls at different heights and pace
  • Have a presence in goal and have an aggressive  starting position
  • Make good decisions when dealing with crosses
  • Leadership in games and training
  • Be comfortable on the ball under pressure and use a range of distribution to start an attack with hands and feet 
  • Have an excellent tactical knowledge of when to come and when to stay in different situations.