Friday Night Lights Street Soccer

Friday Night Pick-Up Soccer

BEGINNING FRIDAY, MAY 13th, CASC is partnering with Crescenta Valley High School to bring ‘coaching-free, parent-free’ pickup soccer to CV’s soccer field – OPEN TO ALL YOUTH SOCCER PLAYERS – No matter which club you are affiliated with!

Part of a player’s development is playing in an environment where they can use their creativity, learn successes and adversity without having an adult directing everything they do. Around the world, many of the great players inherited many of their skills through small-sided games in the streets or local parks. Why? Players get more touches on the ball, they learn to attack and defend, dribble better, protect the ball, score more goals, and overall they are more involved in the game. No opportunity to hide!. Pick-up soccer is a great supplement to the more structured club environment.

In most American cities, playing in the streets has been forgotten, and long ago are the days when kids could go off for the day and play to their hearts content, as long as they were back for dinner. There are many factors for this, such as as urban spread, lack of parks, an auto-oriented society, but safety is probably the biggest concern for parents.

So on Friday nights, under the lights, CASC is opening up CV High field so any youth soccer player in our community between the ages of 8-17 can come by and play our version of “street soccer.” We will have supervisors to monitor all the games and players, and games will be continuously played for the enjoyment of the kids.

PARENTS: For non-CASC players, parents will need to sign an initial waiver form so your child can participate, but once signed, each week, you can just drop off your child, and pick them up an hour or so later. If you do want to hover around, you will have to stay in the parking lot or the stands until the games are over.

(Player Waiver Form)

There are a few guidelines however:

  1. No parents near the field.
  2. No coaching. Players will just play and learn from the game itself. There will be supervision from licensed coaches – but “the game will be the teacher”.
  3. No fighting
  4. No profanity
  5. No complaining

Here are some photos from our first night!