New CASC Director, Chad Borak

California Athletic Soccer Club (CASC) proudly announces the appointment of Chad Borak as its new Director. With over a decade of dedicated service within our club, Chad brings an unwavering commitment to excellence and a visionary outlook that resonates with CASC families.

Chad envisions a holistic approach to player development and a growth-centered culture at CASC. His intimate understanding of the club organization, the local soccer community, and the specific needs of the players forms the foundation of his approach. Chad’s methodology focuses on refining on-field technical and tactical prowess while nurturing character off the pitch, achieved through meticulously designed age-appropriate training sessions for our coaching staff to utilize for their teams. These sessions also serve as a platform for character development, instilling a sense of competitiveness while focusing on each player’s development.

The journey from a local Southern California soccer player to the helm of our club exemplifies Chad’s playing career and leadership aptitude. His collegiate achievements at California State University of Northridge, including All-Big West First Team honors and being drafted by the MLS team Colorado Rapids, attest to his ability in the sport.

Beyond his playing accolades, Chad has made a lasting impact as a coach and leader within our club for over a decade. He has guided teams to national recognition and prestigious events, like the California Regional League, Surf Cup’s “Best of the Best,” FarWest Regional Championship, and Dallas Cup. Most importantly Chad has helped guide many players toward higher education, elite playing opportunities, and overall personal development.

Our coaches are the most critical part of the club as they work directly with your daughters and sons. Chad is fully committed to empowering our coaches, working side by side on the field and in workshops with the goal to to continuously enhance their skills, giving them the coaching tools and resources to effectively engage and inspire the youth at CASC.

The club firmly believes that player development and winning are not conflicting objectives but rather interconnected. By placing paramount importance on nurturing individual growth, CASC aligns its philosophy with the notion that success on the field naturally ensues. This ethos underscores the club’s dedication to fostering both personal development and on-field triumph, shaping a dynamic environment where players thrive.

Speaking on his appointment, Chad expressed his vision for the club, stating: “My goal is to cultivate a culture that resonates with our community and fosters growth for both players and the club. I envision an environment where success is measured not solely by on-field triumphs but by the profound, lasting impact we have on our players’ lives. I would also like to thank my predecessor, Kurtis Millan, for his commitment to the club over the last years and we look forward to hearing about his endeavors in Europe. We are very excited for him.”

The California Athletic Soccer Club looks forward to the transformative leadership of Chad Borak. His appointment marks a new era for the club, embracing fresh opportunities, holistic development, and a pursuit of excellence in all aspects. Chad’s forward-thinking approach has already led to strategic partnerships with industry giant Adidas and Niky’s Sports, the #1 soccer retailer in Southern California. These alliances signify Chad’s visionary leadership in shaping the club’s identity and expanding opportunities for our members.