CASC Analysis-Angles

Using Math in Soccer

At the start of this season, we presented that CASC teams and players should be playing small sided games, rondos, and positional activities in their training sessions, as much as possible. The focus of this is to give players opportunities to develop cognitively, which will ultimately increase better decisions on and off the ball.

Anyone who has witnessed Coach Patrick’s training sessions will have seen how he religiously works on 2v2’s & 3v3s (small-sided games), and focusing on “Angles, Lines, Distance & Timing”.

The video below, followed by a brief analysis, highlights an accumulation of all the hard work that his 2012 boys put into learning these concepts.

2012 Breakdown/Analysis

  • All players creating ANGLES to receive the ball in space, while also creating good ANGLES with their body to receive and play forward.
    The players play small sided games in training in small spaces, so become familiar with working hard to create ANGLES and space in tight areas.
  • The boys had patience on the ball in pressured environment, the opposing team’s penalty box.
    The players are comfortable on the ball with defenders around them, as they do this in training all the time!
  • Recognizing space on opposite side of the penalty area to switch the point of attack.
    The players have been allowed to find solutions in small sided games at training, with no “joysticking” from the coach – so when it comes to game day, it is natural for them to find solutions and answers to problems.
  • Technical ability to play quickly (with 1 or 2 touch) in and around the penalty area
    Players have had THOUSANDS of touches of the ball in small sided games, which equals confidence and consistency. Because they train in high pressured-small sided areas in training, they understand subconsciously they need to play quicker = less touches. And they have the ability to execute it – as they have done it hundreds of times already.