Unveiling a New Crest, Blending Tradition with Modernity

California Athletic Soccer Club is proud to unveil its new crest (also called a badge, emblem, or logo), symbolizing the club’s commitment to excellence and preserving its rich history. The streamlined design combines elements from the previous logo while incorporating fresh and modern design elements. With valuable input from players, parents, and coaches over the last year, we moved forward with a streamlined version to better showcase our club brand.


  • The new crest prominently features the previous dark deep blue and a strong bright red, representing the passion and determination of the club. These vibrant colors symbolize the energy and dynamism that California Athletic Soccer Club brings to the field. The bold white letters represent integrity, strength, and the clarity of our mission.
  • A new highlight of the crest is the inclusion of an outline of the San Gabriel Mountains which tower over La Crescenta and Glendale as they lead into Tujunga, Sunland, Burbank, and the San Fernando Valley. This is a tribute to the the original crest of our original club, the Crescenta Valley Soccer club, founded in 2001. It serves as a testament to the club’s roots and its connection to the Valley communities.
  • The crest proudly displays a bright shining star. This star stands as a tribute to our inaugural State Cup Championship in 2003, serving as a reminder to always aim high and strive for greatness. It encapsulates the club’s ambition to achieve success and leave a lasting impact in the world of soccer, both on and off the field.
  • The three sturdy columns rising to the sky symbolize the three core values of the club: Integrity, Accountability, and Pride. These pillars serve as the guiding principles for our players, coaching staff, parents, and supporters, fostering a culture of excellence.

CASC Three Core Values

1. Integrity

Integrity shapes how players, families, and coaches conduct themselves. It means upholding moral values on and off the field, being honest, fair, and respectful to all involved: teammates, opponents, coaches, and referees. CASC focuses on playing hard, showing sportsmanship, taking accountability, and creating a positive team culture that emphasizes teamwork, positive attitudes, and personal growth.

2. Accountability

Accountability includes everyone: players, parents, and coaches all share responsibility. Players commit to training, take care of themselves, show up to practices and games, and give their best. Parents support their child, respect the coach’s methodology/philosophy, and nurture a positive atmosphere. Coaches provide top-notch development, guidance and foster teamwork and accountability. When everyone embraces accountability, we build a strong, successful club community together.

3. Pride

Pride at CASC brings everyone together: players, parents, and coaches to a shared sense of belonging. It means being proud to represent the club, its values, and traditions. Players show pride by working hard, aiming to do their best, both individually and as a team. They celebrate their own successes and support and celebrate their teammates as well. Parents take pride in supporting their child, team, club and creating a positive environment. Coaches take pride in developing and mentoring players and achieving team success. CASC pride unites everyone and encourages a culture of excellence and togetherness.

“We are thrilled to unveil our new crest, which represents our commitment to honoring tradition while embracing the future,” said Club Director Chad Borak. “This crest embodies the values that define California Athletic Soccer Club and serves as a symbol of our ambition, passion, and dedication. We are excited to wear it on our new Adidas jerseys with pride and continue our legacy of excellence.”

California Athletic Soccer Club is a proud member of the SOCAL Soccer League, which is sanctioned by US Club Soccer. Our new crest captures the essence of the club’s rich history and its vision for the future. It signifies a fresh chapter in the club’s journey and serves as a rallying point for players, staff, and fans alike.